Features of Superior Note

These are the features that set us apart from other note taking applications.

Cloud Based

Our powerful high-speed servers run around the clock, Allowing access to all your cloud based applications 24/7, Routine manned and automated maintenance insures minimal to NO down time!


Installing work and business applications are a thing of the past. Consortium applications are accessible online from any internet connected device with a web browser. Minimizing the need for local on-site IT services.


Consortium Software is comprised of IT professionals with experience fighting modern malware, virus's, and attacks. Rest assure your data is safe and backed up on a regular basis.


Users of Superior Note are excessive note takers in many cases the monthly rate is cheaper than paper and sticky notes.


Our Products are made for the everyday person and the professional, share your notes with friends, and colleagues with ease.


Superior Note is a part of Consortium Software's stackable applications, Quickly access all of your applications from a single-sign-on.