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The cloud is here to stay! Why use outdated business applications that have to be individually installed on workstations, and rely on local un-maintained servers that are vulnerable to data loss. The simpler solution is here, Consortium Stackable applications are universal and require no installation. Superior Note is one of many applications that will simplify your workflow and increase productivity.

Never go without your notes again. Superior Note allows you to access all of your notes on any device with a internet connection. Compatible with Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, and more...

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Cloud Based

Our powerful high-speed servers run around the clock, Allowing access to all your cloud based  applications 24/7, Routine manned and automated maintenance insures minimal to NO down time!


Installing work and business applications are a thing of the past. Consortium applications are accessible online from any internet connected device with a web browser. Minimizing the need for local on-site IT services. 

Superior Note is an product of Consortium Software
and is available on our Stackable Software platform.

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Paper is a temporary medium. Superior Note saves your data in secured servers with backup.
Allowing you to access your notes and data from any internet connected device.